Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Finding Room for Enduring Compassion

        It can be difficult, sometimes, to find time to be compassionate when I have a busy schedule. There are times when a friend or family member has an emergency and I drop everything to help them out, because I know they would do the same for me. But, what happens when there are no emergencies? Is there no need for compassion, or do I just need to be more intentional about it?

        When I am in extreme need and someone takes the time to walk with me; I sincerely appreciate it. Then there are the friends and family that are there for me when there is no need, when everything is going well, and this has a huge impact on my life. Why? Because it takes a lot more intention and effort to be there for someone once a week than it does once a year. It takes an enduring compassion to listen to the everyday blah, blah, blah, and still take interest.

        When my schedule is full to the brim, taking time to show compassion to the people that I care about does not come naturally. This is something that I would like to be more intentional about. This is something I want to be said about me after my life is over.

Lisa, she never forgot about those she loved. 
Her enduring compassion was the fertilizer that encouraged other hearts to grow.

        I know a few people in my life that I can say that about. No matter what passes in life, they always seem to call, or just show up at the right time. No matter how long I ignore them, they will keep calling me. I purpose to find three people to intentionally show enduring compassion to. I may not always have time to show up on their door step, but there are other options like: having phone dates, mailing a card, Facebooking or sending an email.

        How would you rate yourself on the enduring compassion scale? Do you take time out of your schedule to make sure the people you love know it? If you have any other suggestions about how to show enduring compassion to your friends and family, leave a comment below.


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